Bob Marley – “Anti Establishment” Interview – 1979


Interview Transcription

You mean we don’t like establishments. Well yes…Everything…You see the music say, “Dead to black and white oppressors. To all oppressors”. When you are dealing with human beings you are dealing with the purpose why God create man the first place and how men should live. And we the people want to live like how God say that man should live. And through Reggae music we convey our message because it’s a lot of people that live in god way…Not that they don’t want to live that way but they are forced to live the other way. So the music has come to change. The music has come to change the whole idea. I don’t know how long it’s going to take but that is what is going to happen.

All music is root music that comes from Jamaica in that sense- a creativeness. Once it creates it is root music. If it is a follow thing then it is not roots. We are dealing with the creativity, the creative power. You know? And out of it, you get Rockers, Reggae, Rock Steady, every music- out of creativity which is roots.

Well, Reggae music is a music created by Rasta people and it carries earth force of peoples’ rhythm. You know it’s the rhythm when people working they are moving. Well, we play music and we don’t play to suit critics. We play what we want to play when we want to play it how we want to play it. And we have a reason why we play it too.

Yes, it is necessary to understand lyrics. It has meaning too but because some people…Some people understand the words, you know. Some people never went through those situations. But a majority of the world suffers, masses of the people suffer. This music comes from the masses of the people. It doesn’t really come from the upper class.





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    For real Bob can talk when him was in london, he went to Canningtown east london to check some fam in those days Canningtown was not a safe place for black folk to be, anyway there he was in his cousin front room after some greeting and some blazing he want to free up some water, in those day 5oclock was like night time due to the heavy fog Bob find him self out the front gate getting some none existing fresh air, this little english girl a round 15 came runningstopping at the gate she saw this strange man hey mister she said i hear that Bob marley is in the house yuh know if him gone yet? Bob smile and turn to her no but him soon come Bob was the biggest reggae star to come to england yet he was the easy of them to reach nither money are stardom did not change him

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