Bob Marley & Jacob Miller – “God black” Interview 1980



Bob and Jacob were on their home from Brazil (Complete story here).

Soon after they arrived in Jamaica, Jacob Miller died in a car crash. This is maybe one of his last interview.


Interviewer: Come to St. Martin some time.

Bob: Of course we would come to St. Martin.

Interviewer: That’s what I want to know.

Bob: When we’re invited and with the proper equipment, I mean you just cya seh Bob can you come to St. Martin and then nobody in St. Martin arrange anything. It’s not like dat it’s not arranged. It haffi be arranged.

Interviewer: You gotta have the right equipment, right sound equipment.

Bob: Well not even the best but some equipment, you nuh I can get the show over.

Interviewer: Well Bob it’s very important that you clear up this point because a lot of people feel that you don’t come down to these small islands.

Bob: There a lot a points we want to clean with dis people man. Rastafari is God almighty with no apology you nuh and is not boasy wi boasy but wi proud to know dat God black you nuh. A just dat we jus feel brave, we don’t skin up and we black people is di suffering people. The first shall be the last and the last first. Fa you see tho we are the suffaras today God black suh we goin become a good people you understand Skippa?

Interviewer: Well thank you very much

Jacob: One thing more wi haffi say if the leaders in the world was smoking herb dem woulda pass di rightful law but right now dem nah deal wid nothing.

Interviewer: Dave Douglas 77 News talking to Bob Marley, Jacob Killer Miller and Junior Marvin.

One more thing Rastafari!

Bob: And tell dem people be nice you nuh because even if di govament try pressure di yute becaw wi know di yutes of St. Martin is rasta, every black man in the West Indies is black man. Marcus Garvey seh Africa fi Africans ahome and abroad. Di Ethiopian cyah change him skin, neither di leopard cya change his spots you nuh. So once you black you represent Africa.

Jacob Miller: Don’t care weh you bawn.

Bob: It’s just dat and we must be proud of it, cuz God black now is not white christ, when dem mek Jesus Christ to be a white man that was just suiting the white man ways but in reality God black you nuh and the way God black, God nuh boas and cum show you seh well ” I am God and blah blah” is we haffi mek him out and know seh dat humble one there is God you nuh. Him not going come and seh ” I am God, RRR”

Jacob: Like a white horse and some angel, dat days done wid man, rastafari we a deal wid di first. Weh dis country yah name St. Martin? All black people in St. Martin learn dis we come fi change the mood and teach di rightful law which is God law not man law. Man law suitable fi man and man is di society dem mek di society fi dem self. I and I come fi break down all a dat, rastafari.

Interviewer: Seen

Bob: And one more ting, we glad you came, we glad you are here man.

Interviewer: Bob we heard that you were supposed to be doing a concert in Grenada and you didn’t do this concert why?

Bob: We would really like to do a concert in Grenada for the Grenadian people but the way how di concert was being I mean put togeda was dat it look as tho we were going to defend marxist and we do not defend marxism nor capitalism. We are strictly Rasta. You nah mean? We independent, we don’t have America fi go and beg anyting nor Russia to beg anyting we prefer stanup pan our own self which is Rasta; black people rights.

Interviewer: Bob you say we’re living in the last days there’s going to be a big fight I think here in the Caribbean islands. America is going to make a grab for some of the Caribbean islands, Russia I think is going to make a grab for some of the Caribbean islands. What do you have to say on this?

Bob: Well my estimation on this is that Russia and America is two thieves is dat Russia and America is di two biggest fucking friends and all dem doing is working a psychological warfare upon di poor people think that there going to be a war while dese fuckas come in and control. If is not America control it going be Russia and dats why dem is di same ting brother. Two a dem is di same ting two fuckin  white manwho are have dem ways a controling black people. Black people time now, black people time now blood claat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob: Dem man come like heckle and jeckle dem two bredda deh America and Russia; Heckle and bloodclaat Jeckle, seen. Dat means seh wi don’t want no more a dat you as a black man stan up fi you rights cah mi come yah come si German and French and weh di black man deh inna di miggle, you nuh see it. So weh unuh a do stan up and watch di French and German tek ova ana yah suh unuh seh unuh cum from? Africa wi a deal wid enuh but unuh haffi defend yah suh as long as unuh deh yah.

Bob: We have a right to live you nuh… We have a right to live… All a dese people weh dem people praising was babies once, mada feed dem on di breasty dem shit up dem self,dem mada clean dem and today dem is big leaders nothing wrong bout dat but dere is still children bawnin today too and dese children have modern ideas¬†about how life should go and a mean wi cyah mek some guys who used to live in the 17th century tell us what to do in this 1980s. We a young people wi must decide our own destiny because dat is gone. Suh wahpen God only mek two good people. We good too, we must cyan decide our own, we are good.

Interviewer: Do you have any new material coming out say in the next couple a months?

Bob: Yes we working on… but Jacob have him stuff ready a think.

Jacob: Yeah man.

Interviewer: What you got?

Jacob: We have tow album coming which is inner circle and we have Jacob Killer Miller coming out. Suh we have two albums coming out right now.

Interviewer: I would like to extend a personal invitation for you to get back here and do a show man because I saw you..

Jacob: Me personally?

Interviewer: Yes I think you really tear up the Caribbean, the Caribbean love you Jacob.

Jacob: Yeah well you see me personally me and my bredda Bob Marley.

Interviewer: You all are moving together now?

Jacob: Yeah well full time moving together because you see right now my materials which he has his company getting togeda where I mek sure anyting I am doing coming tru Tuff Gong international because of di unity of di Rasta…


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