Bob Marley – Crisis / Cheer up – Rare Acoustic Version


A very beautiful and sad acoustic song mix of “Crisis” and “cheer up”.. One of the most beautiful song and very deep.. I try to reduce the bad noise and improve the sound quality, I don’t find a longer version. Just Bob Marley and his guitar



We’ve been down in captivity, so long, so long
if we must fight, we will fight to be free, so strong so strooong
they say the sun shines for all,
but in some people world, it never shine at all.

They say love is a stream that always find its course
Some people think life is a dream,
and makin’ it worse.
So long .. So long

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  • Reply Charles" M-Yusuf" Phillips 4 January 2017 at 4:47 PM

    Its all about the time of birth. A chosen soul to heal the people in the making of a new era reflecting on past prophecy…

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