Bob Marley – Interview about the World Cup – 1978

Interview of Bob Marley by Hans-otto Bisgaard about the 1978 world cup in Argentina.
Journalist: Did you see any football from the world champion ?

Bob Marley: From the world cup , yes yes you know .. Me see couple of match as well you know. Football play sometimes and sometimes $$ (don’t understant). It was good, yes, Argentina win it

Journalist: Did you see the final?

Bob Marley: Yes, yes it was a good match you know, it was good but.. I don’t know

Journalist: They say they play in a new style, very total football style, very agressive style. Did you recognize it?

Bob Marley: Aggressive?

Journalist: Yes very very active all the time.

Bob Marley: Well yes they most kinda buzy like,you know they most kinda buzy, kinda buzy. I see one good shot, yes the brother take a good shot , one good shot. Ahhh Alan take a good shot too , it was good.



Marley Football video Compilation


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