Bob Marley – Interviews in Australia – Video and Subtitles – 1979

Bob Marley on Australian TV programs in April 1979. First, a little introduction from ‘Countdown”, then “Nightmoves” and finally “Countdown”


Bob Marley: Hi, I am Bob Marley and you’re watching Countdown right across Australia.


[Nightmoves TV program]

Bob Marley: that Christ- you know Christ- say he will return within 2000 years. Now check out the time. This time is 1979 years gone. Say when he returns he will return with a new name which shall be dreadful and terrible among the heathens. And when he comes he shall be king of kings, the lord of lords and the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah. In our lifetime when we look out on the earth we see who comes with these names, one man is found is Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the 1st who is the king of kings and the lords and the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah. Now the Bible is our route that we take, the Bible. Why? Because God said he shall put it in the hearts to write it. Well, today the Bible reveal that His Majesty is the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah, king of kings and lord of lords just like the revelation in the Bible, you know? So His Majesty is a reality of the revelation in the Bible.

Interviewer: How does your music end up as tie into your religious beliefs?

Bob Marley: Well, you know herb is not really a tie but the herb is another herb that people use. Just like our people use tomatoes and use parsley, they use all sorts of herbs. Well, this herb is for the healing of the nation. You know, it’s just a thing that people have been so brainwashed over the past 1000 and odd years that today it is a thing really to get their minds buzzing which is herb.
Songs take years, you know? And songs take days, songs take hours. You can break it down to 3 minutes. So what I figure about a man who writes songs is that he compiles ideas. Sometimes you start a song from about 1970 and maybe it isn’t finished until 1980 according to how…. Some of them you’ll just start them and they are not made to stay because other ones come up and go right through; some of them are harder than some.
The people really want the music, you know. It’s not that it’s a thing that dress up on them; it’s them that asked for it and they got it. Music is family, you know? They influence each other; they are of close relation to me. So music influence music.


[Countdown TV show]

Bob Marley: Hi, I am Bob Marley and you’re watching Countdown right across Australia.

Interviewer: Bob Marley welcome to Australia and to countdown. A lot of people sort of describe your music as reggae but to me it seems sort of more as if it’s sort of like a lot of people getting together and having a lot of fun putting music together and enjoying it. How do you describe your music?

Bob Marley: We describe our music as a road to consciousness. You know? So regardless of what label people might call it, we’re satisfied with any label but we call it music, still. Revolutionary music.

Interviewer: Revolutionary in what respect?

Bob Marley: Revolution of the mind. Bring the reality of what has been hidden from the wise and the prudent to the babe and the suckling.

Interviewer: Well, for instance, the film clip that we had of ‘Is this Love?’, everyone  in that film clip seem to be sort of so happy and when you’re making it ….

Bob Marley: Lots of children?

Interviewer: Yeah, with the children and everyone. Everyone was smiling and…

Bob Marley: No need for the children to be sad, you know? They’re innocent, right? All children are innocent so they should be happy.

Interviewer: Well, I’ll tell you what. A lot of people in Australia, already you’ve got a gold album out for ‘Live at the Lyceum’, another one for ‘Exodus’. And your current album, the one that’s just been released that’s already achieved gold in this country. So “Babylon by bus”

Bob Marley: So nice

Interviewer: And Kaya Album was so successful and one of the best album that we figured for 1978 and I’m sure everyone in Australia agreed and there’s a platinum award for that.

Bob Marley: Oh, thank you, man. That’s very good.

Interviewer: And it’s on behalf of Festival Records, I thank you very much for coming out to the country.

Bob Marley: Irie Skipper.

Interviewer: And I’m looking forward to seeing your concerts.

Bob Marley: Irie. Beautiful.

Producer: Shot 5

Bob Marley: Hi, this is Bob Marley and this is Countdown. Hi, I’m Bob Marley and you’re watching Countdown right across Australia.

Interviewer: Fabulous, thank you.

Bob Marley: Hi Australia. I’m Bob Marley and you’re watching the 200th Countdown. Right?

Interviewer: Thank you, Bob, thank you very much.

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