Bob Marley – Live a Life of Love – Rare Acoustic Remastered


Acoustic version with Bob Marley and his guitar. I remastered the song, I edit the bad noise and improve the sound quality .This is the best available quality you will can find of this song. A superb melancholic and original song by bob marley with a rare video picture compilation



So far away from where it’s happening,
You think you’ve found a place of peace.
Just to find that it’s happening everywhere,
It’s happening here, there and everywhere.
Please don’t touch that with the vision,
And you need to respect every man religion.
Let I live a life I love to today.
Lift my spliff and take a draw,
Someone say I’m breakin’ the law,
They make everything to try and arrest it,
But the witness and them can molest it.

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