Bob Marley – “Mi Dead?” Phone Interview – 1980 Subtitles

Rare phone Interview of Bob Marley by Ron Sinclair in 1980 for JBC Radio to stop the rumours about his health..
Ron Sinclair: Your in New York Bob?

Bob Marley: Yeah.

Rob Sinclair: Cool, we’re live on radio, JBC radio live and a lot of things have been said here in Jamaica all week long Bob and of all the things people saying youre dead.

Bob Marley: Mi dead? A lot of people have to dead leave me, you nuh?

Ron Sinclair: Well Bob it’s unbelievable the kind of rumours that have been going around Bob.

Bob Marley: Well what I’m saying is a lot of people have to die and leave me. Anytime the bad news come everybody always have it but when the good news come nobody neva get it yet. A wonda why?Dem haffi try harder than that fi kill me and rumours cya do it neither.

Ron Sinclair: Zeen, now people have been saying you have cancer

Bob Marley: Every body can seh weh deh wah seh man right?

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