Bob Marley – So Much Trouble in the word – Tuff Gong Rehearsal – 1980 Video


This is my favourite version, with the scat improvisation at the end and the alternate lyrics. The electric piano is perfect and i like this roots sounds. If you have more information, a better video and sound quality send me a message. ( I also try to reduce the bad noise and improve the sound quality ) Video Dermott Hussey / English Subtitles



So much trouble in the world
So much trouble in the world

Nations plot against nation…yeah
Brothers fight against brothers, oh yeah
And all of this and all of that
You put them together you don’t know what
There is too much trouble, too much trouble
Oh no
So much trouble in the world


Dermot Hussey: He’s come a long way from the time he lived in ghost town and sold record in Greenwich park road Eastern Street and Orange Street from the days when he was ripped off and samphied. Today he is a super star and Tuff Gong record is no longer a ghetto record shop but a budding business uptown in a fifty year old mansion where Tuff Gong is international.


To get rid of the pollution
But before you check this time
Please don’t leave another corner stone standing there behind

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