Bob Marley – Wisdom – Rare Acoustic Remastered


Acoustic version with Bob Marley and his guitar and another singer. I remastered the song, I delete the bad sounds and the larsen.¬†This is the best available quality you will can find of this song. A lovely song by bob marley¬† (with lyric he will use in “stiff necked fools”) and a rare video picutre compilation



The lips of the righteous teach many,
But fools die for want of wisdom.
The rich man wealth is in his city;
Do you hear, do you hear, can you understa-and?!

Destruction of the poor, is poverty;
Destruction of the soul, is vanity.
The righteous’ wealth is in his Holy Pla-ace.
do you hear?

Those who have eyes, to see will see!


The rich man wealth is in his city;

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