Bob Marley Zurich Interview 1980 – Subtitles Video


Bob Marley and the Wailers Perform a live at the Hallenstadion, Switzerland, on 30 May 1980. Carlton Barrett, Junior Marvin and Earl Lindo in the backround.


Bob Marley: Right sah? True

Journalist: Why did your songs change a little bit? To me your songs changed from ghetto music early on to African music now. I think your last album Survival was an African album.

Bob Marley: Well to I wherever there is oppression and suffering people ; the masses of the people wherever is called ghetto.  As you know Africa is a mass of people that go through international oppression you nuh? So it’s ghetto music all the way. But yuh nuh it’s for everyone not for anyone special. This message is for everyone or even if the people in a di west see the justice  that should be undone to the people in Africa then whoever how the justice come whoever he is justice is justice, you nuh? Music don’t change.

Journalist: In your songs you often refer to the Bible but many of the young people who are coming to your concert…

Bob Marley: Yeah.

Journalist: don’t believe in the Bible anymore.

Bob Marley: Because the way they’ve been taught about the Bible that is not the way of the Bible. You know I mean? Because if I was living in that world where the everyday interpretation of the Bible go on then I woulda hate the Bible too but now that we have found the right way of the Bible then the Bible is to be loved. Because the Bible is the record of man creation; is the only book tell you… is the only book can show you weh mankind begin without any prejudice… or anything like that… any boasiness, pride or anyting like that or anyting. It just how it go and that’s it.
Well how the Christian, not even Christian but how the people weh go to churches interpret the Bible and the preachers them that is not the right way. Because the greatest thing is that  life, seen is life. Life we a deal wid. If di preacher read the Bible and tell you, you have to die to go to heaven. Then he is not reading the Bible because the Bible tell you, you haffi live in a heaven, you don’t die and go to heaven.
You have to live inna heaven. You know, a lot of places on earth could be but Africa is our heaven because that is where we come from. You know? Maybe you’s a Swiss, maybe you from Switzerland and the people know God then maybe you coulda live in peace, unity, harmony but you nuh people stubban on this earth cause of material vanity.

Journalist: How big is the influence of Rasta communities in Jamaican culture and polistics today and perhaps you can give some examples?

Bob Marley: Well you know as rasta we dealing with not politics but our own tradition create from creation, from the root of mankind. So we as rasta now we return to our roots which is God, you know? And as you know politics is, politics is… Politics to me is divide and rule. Politics don’t show people God. Politics tell you that somebody can do something for you, you nuh? But you know is God a do everything so the best man fi deal wid is God. When you deal with God you don’t deal with politics because politics divide and rule.

Journalist: You fight now for many, many years…

Bob Marley: Oh we got millions a years to live after the fight is over man because the greatest thing is to fight fi life.


Bob Marley At Zurich Airport

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